Monday, May 14, 2007

3. get more traffic on your site or blog

Most of the sites get a lot of traffic because they are aware of what the publics intrests are, they have been in the ‘scene’ for a long time now and their posts are consistent and well thought out. But even the better writers don’t get a lot of traffic. This can happen because of various reasons and I will give some tips how not to end up a small fish in the sea.

You can also buy traffic. Many sites these days are selling visitors to your site. They start an advertisement campaign for you and this campaign will end one you have had the promised traffic. Here is an example from

Visitors Price
10.000 $15
25.000 $30
100.000 $60
150.000 $80
250.000 $100

Now i have never tried a site like this before so proceed with caution. And please, for your own good, try and make it on your own first.

Here are some basic tips to try getting traffic on your own

1) Make sure your domain name tells what your site is about e.g. is about making money online.

2) Try to be timeless. This means that you try and make posts that are intresting enough for readers to check on 2 years later.

3) Answer your email, respond to questions and participate in other blogs or forums.

4) Most of the traffic comes through search engines so make sure your titels and domain name are appropiate to what they search for.

5) Make your site attractive and well recognisable. Make it a fun place to be at.

6) Try to get people to link your site. A link is direct traffic and the more popular their site is the more traffic you get. Do this for them too and develop a good relationship between both your sites.

7) Word to mouth is also a good way to keep your site growing. When you made a good site, people will tell other people and often provide the link to them.

8) You can advertise your site on other sites. Did you ever see a link that says: ‘your site here’? Of course they will ask something in return, either a link of their own on your site, or a small/big payment depending on their sites popularity. Sending a nice email alone will mostly work out great.

9) Use extensive tagging and keywording inside your articles.

10) Try not to get discouraged in the first months of making a high traffic site. Look at what you can do to improve it. It's normal for a site to get low traffic when they first started out.

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Anonymous said...

I bought a traffic campaign at and OH MY GOD, I am getting 10.000 users a day coming from fulltraffic... my alexa rank has boosted from 624k to 120k in 2 weeks... really amaizing...

Anonymous said...

I bought traffic on Full Traffic and there is NO customer service. I am hopeful that my plan works out, but let me tell you, it is painful not being able to adjust clicks purchased on sites, make sure you do not need to make adjustments of any kind with this company.
Also, I have asked three times for passwords to my accounts-they sent me two and they do not work!
As I am responsible for several web site marketing campaigns imagine my concern over the lack of customer service.
I'd rather pay more and have more of collaborative relationship with the company I use for my campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Hello all!

I am using Full Traffic too. Just to add, I contacted them several times to change the destination url of my campaigns and within no more than 5 hours I've got a response and my url changed (really more than 5 times). I know you can't control the delivering speed but well.. this ain't google adwords! Generally I use targeted campaigns for like $60 5,000 visitors almost targeted as google adwords, that will charge you at least $2500 for that...

Anonymous said...

Pure bullshit. The same visitors clicking all the time.

Anonymous said...

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