Monday, May 14, 2007

4. ads on your site

After making your site or blog and you have a good feeling about the popularity and traffic it is getting it’s time to make some money. This is passive money meaning that while you sleep people will still be coming and clicking your ads.

Google adsense is a good way for making money because it is a content ad. This means it will search trough the content of your pages and adds an advertisement based on your words. For example if you made a site about traveling the google ad will probably be a link to ‘travel to spain’ or ‘take this airline’…

You will be payed when someone clicks on the ad

An other example of a site that can give ads is
Their ads don’t search what kind of ad they will post based on your words but you can block any unwanted ad if you are not comfortable with it.

I do not advise adding pop-ups to your site because many users find this annoying, espescially if they keep showing up even when you close them. Make your site an enjoyable site.

Flashy banners might work just…not too flashy.

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